The hiking trails of the Ardennes region: a genuine touristic asset

A real landslide is taking over the Ardennes region! The holiday-makers are looking for new routes to enjoy pleasant walks in the heart of nature. “Where to go with children? How to discover the most beautiful panoramas? Do you know any hiking trail along a river?” Given the interest, Ardennes-Etape created “OUI, GO! ”, a blog about the most beautiful hiking trails in the Ardennes region.


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Guide Ardennes-Pass: engine of tourism in the Ardennes

For over thirteen years, the Guide Ardennes-Pass is re-edited on a yearly base. It gets adjusted and updated in order to provide high quality touristic information to the holidaymakers that have opted for the Belgian Ardennes.  Purpose: promoting the «Ardennes» destination.

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Owner of a holiday home: the holiday profession

Each and every year, the traditional summer interview hands the mic over to beach lovers, ice-cream vendors, the coast guard, restaurateurs,… These summer jobs are well-known. Yet, many remain under the radar because the media doesn’t discuss them. We aim our focus on such a profession, owner of an Ardennes holiday home…

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Ardennes-Pass Guide 2015-2016 : indispensable!

12 versions, 12 yearly editions, and each time more novelties. This year, the Ardennes-Pass Guide dedicates a portion of its 372 pages to restaurants in the Ardennes full of character! A guide filled with lots of tips, which has the sole purpose of promoting the destination «Ardennes »!

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Valentine’s Day in the Ardennes

Valentine’s Day, it’s become a synonym for the most commercial holiday. Who still goes along with this in 2015? A special menu at the restaurant charging you double. Specialties with chocolate of dubious quality. The Valentine’s hearts might make you feel a bit unwell…

And if we threw all of this out the window? Meet three holiday-makers heading out to the Ardennes, Valentine or not.

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