Valentine’s Day in the Ardennes

Valentine’s Day, it’s become a synonym for the most commercial holiday. Who still goes along with this in 2015? A special menu at the restaurant charging you double. Specialties with chocolate of dubious quality. The Valentine’s hearts might make you feel a bit unwell…

And if we threw all of this out the window? Meet three holiday-makers heading out to the Ardennes, Valentine or not.

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Enjoy the Ardennes, thanks to the Guide Ardennes-Pass

Our Belgian Ardennes are astonishing, no need to tell you that. Every year thousands of tourists visit the region to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air.
Every year Ardennes-Etape, the number one in holiday home rental in the Ardennes, publishes a guide with the very best of the Belgian Ardennes.


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Creative and Sustainable Marketing? A Small Business from the Ardennes Shows How

Ardennes-Etape prolongs the life of its promotional material. Enormous advertising poster becomes unique gift for clients and personnel.

Responsible entrepreneurship and sustainability, long-term strategies versus brand awareness, visibility and creativity… Combining these principles is no easy task. Finding the correct balance between them, however, is crucial in the strategic plan of every business. After some puzzling, Ardennes-Etape brought this challenge to a success.

bean bag-ardennes-etape

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