Ardennes-Etape supports Liège Expo 2017

The city of Liège is candidate to organise the 2017 International Expo. In the course of three months the participating countries get the chance to show the very best of themselves in the Cité Ardente.

At least if it were up to us. Ardennes-Etape decided to fully support Liège in its bid to host the Expo 2017. We appeal to everyone to vote for Liège as host city for this great international event.

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Ardennes-Etape takes wheelchair users into account

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Leaving on holiday should be possible for each of us: youngsters, people of age, families, groups of friends,… One should not overlook the disabled in this matter. To this effect Ardennes-Etape compiled a file with activities and events which are wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, a selection has been made of holiday homes partially or completely wheelchair accessible. The goal is for everyone to have an excellent vacation in the Belgian Ardennes.

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