Ardennes-Etape prolongs the life of its promotional material

Ardennes-Etape prolongs the life of its promotional material. Enormous advertising poster becomes unique gift for clients and personnel.

Responsible entrepreneurship and sustainability, long-term strategies versus brand awareness, visibility and creativity… Combining these principles is no easy task. Finding the correct balance between them, however, is crucial in the strategic plan of every business. After some puzzling, we brought this challenge to a success.

Recycling-Creative-Sustainable-Bean bag-Gift

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Ardennes-Etape supports Liège Expo 2017

The city of Liège is candidate to organise the 2017 International Expo. In the course of three months the participating countries get the chance to show the very best of themselves in the Cité Ardente.

At least if it were up to us. Ardennes-Etape decided to fully support Liège in its bid to host the Expo 2017. We appeal to everyone to vote for Liège as host city for this great international event.

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