Guide Ardennes-Pass: engine of tourism in the Ardennes

For over thirteen years, the Guide Ardennes-Pass is re-edited on a yearly base. It gets adjusted and updated in order to provide high quality touristic information to the holidaymakers that have opted for the Belgian Ardennes.  Purpose: promoting the «Ardennes» destination.

The tourists who visit the Belgian Ardennes are not always aware of the number of must-sees, attractions, hikes or sports activities the region has to offer. The Guide Ardennes-Pass sums up the activities that were found to be of high quality and offers discounts.

«The activities recommended by us are always tested before they’re allowed to appear in the guide. It’s about the image of the «Ardennes» destination, Valérie Geron – marketing and communication responsible at Ardennes-Etape- explains.

The guide does not only offer discounts but has an informative touch to it as well. What do you need to visit? Which restaurant should I choose with a €50 budget? What are the must-sees in the village I stay in? The guide answers these numerous questions.

«Making tourists’ lives easier, letting them experience a relaxing moment at a soft price, it’s this type of willingness all Belgian touristic actors on the market should adopt», Valérie Geron claims.

Ardennes Selfie Run

This year, the Guide Ardennes-Pass innovates by presenting a fun contest that is accessible to everyone: the Ardennes Selfie Run. The idea: Looking for a sign in Ardennes-Etape colors. About one hundred of these signs have been hidden in the heart of partner activities of the Guide Ardennes-Pass. In order to participate to the contest, the tourist must take a picture of him/herself with the sign and share it on Facebook. Main prize: a €350 gift voucher for renting an Ardennes-Etape holiday home.

The message is clear: the Ardennes are a wonderufl playground!

«Yearly, the Guide Ardennes-Pass attracts thousands of visitors to the local attractions. We offer this visibility completely for free to our partners! It’s a way to stimulate the local economy and to attract tourists to the region. We all gain from it!», Valérie Geron continues.

Ardennes vs North Sea

«At the return of the good weather, the media usually has the tendency to show us footage of the Walloons that are staying at the North Sea. Often, they forget the Ardennes that do not only attract the Flemish, but the Walloons as well! », deplores Valérie Geron.

Even though the Flemish are the most numerous when it comes to staying in the Ardennes, the French speaking Belgians are not far behind. They represent the third audience that is adherent to the Ardennes, after the Flemish and the Dutch. By the way: this year, their presence is rising. «A lot of Brusselians prefer the Ardennes over the sea. Even the Walloons love to discover new corners of the Ardennes. The area is small but rich», concludes Valérie Geron.

Would you like to get more information? In that case, contact the Ardennes-Etape press service on 080 29 24 00 or by email via

N.B The Guide Ardennes-Pass is offered to all holidaymakers that stay in an Ardennes-Etape holiday home.


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