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Leaving on holiday should be possible for each of us: youngsters, people of age, families, groups of friends,… One should not overlook the disabled in this matter. To this effect Ardennes-Etape compiled a file with activities and events which are wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, a selection has been made of holiday homes partially or completely wheelchair accessible. The goal is for everyone to have an excellent vacation in the Belgian Ardennes.

Ardennes-Etape has always been sensitive to the topic of wheelchair accessibility. That’s why in 2012 one of the holiday cottages in the selection received the CAP48* certification.

The interior of this particular holiday home in Ciney has been laid out with the comfort of wheelchair users in mind. The maximum capacity is 24 persons, the house has four special, fully equipped bedrooms and an elevator. Ardennes-Etape selected another 70 holiday houses which have to some extent been modified to offer wheelchair users the highest level of comfort.

Not solely holiday homes deserve special attention. Ardennes-Etape created a file with the best activities and events where wheelchair users are more than welcome and where special measures have been taken in order to provide the disabled with the highest possible comfort. The domain of the Han caves, the Modave castle, Houtopia or the Namur citadel… All these places are partially or completely wheelchair accessible.

On the other hand there are the Francofolies in Spa, the Hottolfiades in Hotton and a lot more where an extra effort has been put in place to facilitate the life of wheelchair users and to ensure access at all times.

Rendezvous on our website from Thursday 11/10/2012 and check out a daily new piece on the topic of vacation for wheelchair users.

*CAP48 is an organisation in the French and German speaking parts of Belgium involved in fundraising and empowerment for the benefit of the disabled. Maxim of the organisation is as follows: “In order for a disability not to be a disability anymore, everybody together in diversity.” (

For more information please call Valérie Geron at Ardennes-Etape:

Address: Ster 3b
4970 Stavelot
Tel: +32 80 29 24 00
Fax: +32 80 29 24 09


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