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Antique furniture painted blue, luxury equipment in a renovated farm, a Where’s Wally of classical elements in a super modern interior… Most recent in the Ardennes-Etape selection is this Luxembourg based villa taking interior design to a whole new level. The result leaves no one untouched.

“After a thorough refurbishment some antique cupboards were boldly painted in blue or purple,” owner Michaël Lockman explains. “Sometimes in accordance with the walls, another time to create an exciting contrast.”

Daring mix
Belgians are not only born with a brick in their stomach, they also go that extra mile to personalise the inside of their home. The latest holiday home in the Ardennes-Etape selection, located in Vaux-sur-Sûre in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, is a daring exhibit of eclecticism.

The villa, which used to be a farm with adjacent stables, had a complete makeover resulting in a super modern and extraordinary interior. Still every room was finished with a classical touch, be it a mirror, a classical chandelier or an antique cupboard put in a tasteful new jacket.

Colourful luxury
“In a last stage of the renovation, the countryside look and feel of the place was merged with luxury elements such as sauna, Jacuzzi, bar and overall modern equipment.”

“In short,” Mr Lockman concludes, “this is a fruitful marriage between the classical on one side and modern technology on the other, while at the same time being playful with colours, a talent my wife Stéphanie possesses like no one else.”

Market leader
In its ten years of existence Ardennes-Etape has acquired a leading position in the market of holiday home rental in the Belgian Ardennes. Mr Lockman’s home is just one of the many outstanding holiday houses in the region of the Belgian Ardennes, all of them finished with attention to the smallest detail. See below for a few examples.

http://en.ardennes-etape.com/105670-01 (Vaux-sur-Sûre)
http://en.ardennes-etape.com/105627-01 (Malmedy)
http://en.ardennes-etape.com/105361-02 (Bertrix)
http://en.ardennes-etape.com/105372-02 (Bastenaken)
http://en.ardennes-etape.com/105628-01 (Rochefort)
http://en.ardennes-etape.com/105622-01 (Stavelot)

For more information please call Valérie Geron at Ardennes-Etape:

Address: Ster 3b
4970 Stavelot
Tel: +32 80 29 24 00
Fax: +32 80 29 24 09

E-mail: v.geron@ardennes-etape.com

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