Ardennes-Pass Guide 2015-2016 : indispensable!

12 versions, 12 yearly editions, and each time more novelties. This year, the Ardennes-Pass Guide dedicates a portion of its 372 pages to restaurants in the Ardennes full of character! A guide filled with lots of tips, which has the sole purpose of promoting the destination «Ardennes »!

« The Ardennes-Pass Guide does not only offer benefits to the holiday makers, but for us –the actors in the tourism industry- as well. It provides us with extra visibility and a higher occupancy rate. », states Catherine Vuidar, Marketing Manager of the Euro Space Center at Transinne.

In 2014, more than 1000 visitors presented their Ardennes-Pass discount coupons at the entrance of the Euro Space Center educative park. « We’re highly enthusiastic! », insists Catherine Vuidar.

Being completely free for tourism partners and holiday makers, the purpose of the Ardennes-Pass Guide is to promote the « Ardennes » destination and high-quality activities that take place in the area.

Discounts on more than 140 activities in the Ardennes, a detailed touristic map, walking and cycling routes, must-sees and gourmet tips,… This complete guide is being offered to all holiday makers who book a holiday home through Ardennes-Etape.

A complete concept

« The Ardennes-Pass Guide arose a few years after the creation of the company. It was an obvious decision! We do not only have to rent holiday homes, but we also need to offer our holiday makers authentic “Ardennes experiences», explains André Offermans, CEO of Ardennes-Etape.M. Offermans CEO Ardennes-Etape

The Guide is a reflection of the expertise developed by Ardennes-Etape since 2001. High-quality holiday homes accessible to all, services for holiday makers and owners, 7/7 availability, counselling,… The tourist information is an integral part of the service that truly forms the reputation of the holiday home rental company in the Ardennes.

Besides sightseeing advice and numerous discounts, the big news in 2015 is all about gourmet tips. Being an expert when it comes to the Ardennes, also means having knowledge of the local gastronomy! Restaurants for modest, average or large budgets, the guide holder has a free choice to do what fits best.

« It was a real demand from our guests. The Ardennes experience revolves about exploring the gastronomy and local products as well », states a convinced André Offermans.

A win-win cooperation

« The cooperation with Ardennes-Etapes runs perfectly ! I have never been asked before to participate in this type of cooperation. It is very pleasant to join our forces», states Pascale Goffinet, responsible of château féodal at La Roche-en-Ardenne.

In 2014, the touristic web site registered 1046 visitors who had a Ardennes-Pass Guide discount card. « The Guide has become indispensable. It takes care of the promotion –completely free of charge- of high-quality activities in the Ardennes », Pascale Goffinet adds.

Joining forces really demonstrates Ardennes-Etape’s willingness. «Why does everyone need to do everything in their own little corner, if we can all help each other out? We have a common goal: setting a leading example for the belgian Ardennes and our respective activities», Ardennes-Etape concludes.

This success also expresses itself through the holiday makers, thanks to the numerous positive feedbacks Ardennes-Etape received from its satisfaction surveys.

The Guide is a true success story. Ardennes-Etape continues to innovate and expand in function of the needs of the holiday makers and actors of the tourism market in the Ardennes. All this while staying faithful to its slogan:  « 100% happiness! »

Do you wish to contact the Ardennes-Etape team? You can reach us at 0032 (0)80 29 24 00 or

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