Valentine’s Day in the Ardennes

Valentine’s Day, it’s become a synonym for the most commercial holiday. Who still goes along with this in 2015? A special menu at the restaurant charging you double. Specialties with chocolate of dubious quality. The Valentine’s hearts might make you feel a bit unwell…

And if we threw all of this out the window? Meet three holiday-makers heading out to the Ardennes, Valentine or not.

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Tourism in the Belgian Ardennes: Trend 2014 – Less Dutch Travellers


It’s official, the economic crisis has reached or neighbours to the north. A half million less Dutch travellers took off on vacation in 2014. A hit for the tourist industry in Belgium? Not really… Some industry actors do not succumb to this downward trend: Ardennes-Etape and the Domain of the Han Caves boast positive numbers.

An explanation…

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Ardennes-Etape to launch TV series


Six episodes, close to two million viewers, a good cause, four celebrity Dutchmen and the Belgian Ardennes in a leading role. To promote our beautiful region as an excellent holiday destination for Dutch travellers, that’s the aim of ‘Wie opent het slot?’.

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Three Women in Not-So-Small Business


Away with old prejudices, because the majority of Ardennes-Etape’s managers are female. There is no distinction between men and women, expertise is the key value in this Ardennes company. We put three top ladies of this medium-sized enterprise in the spotlight.

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Shown price = Final price!


Its name: ‘RL 2011/83’. Its goal: transparency. Its outcome: a completely revised pricing policy for all e-commerce websites. This new directive is in force since May 2014, but companies are given some extra time to make the necessary adjustments. Ardennes-Etape took on this occasion to become the first company in holiday home rental with a 100 percent transparent pricing policy.

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