Ardennes-Etape to launch TV series


Six episodes, close to two million viewers, a good cause, four celebrity Dutchmen and the Belgian Ardennes in a leading role. To promote our beautiful region as an excellent holiday destination for Dutch travellers, that’s the aim of ‘Wie opent het slot?’.

The concept is quite simple. Four well-known Dutchmen (singers, TV stars,…), together with a partner of their choosing, head down to the Belgian Ardennes, where they have to complete a series of challenges: a quiz, dancing and cooking competitions, a rope trail throughout the trees,… Every challenge puts the spotlight on the region of the Belgian Ardennes.

Forestia, Havana Café, Puzzle Planet, Plopsa Coo and others worked together with Ardennes-Etape to come up with a range of exciting challenges.

The teams collect points throughout the series, giving the winner the key to an impressive castle (Dutch: ‘slot’) from Ardennes-Etape’s selection.

On top of all this: the winning team will offer the key to a family having been through a rough period in order for them to enjoy an excellent all-inclusive vacation in the Belgian Ardennes.

Belgian-Dutch collaboration

Ardennes-Etape, market leader in holiday home rental in the Belgian Ardennes, and Enjoy Life Media, an Amsterdam-based production company, have been working together for several years in order to produce daytime television. ‘Wie opent het slot?’ is the next step in this fruitful collaboration. Ardennes-Etape, as expert in the region, looks for the perfect locations. Enjoy Life Media, with its experienced crew, takes on the shooting and production. Awex, the Agence wallonne à l’Exportation et aux Investissements Etrangers, placed a meeting room at our disposal for a lengthy brainstorm session in Maastricht.

Company culture

One of the requirements was that the TV series had to meet Ardennes-Etape’s company values: to promote the region of the Belgian Ardennes and the local economy, to introduce the viewers to what the region has to offer, such as beautiful scenery and local products, and, of course, to support a good cause. These are the ingredients for this exciting TV series. Mission completed!

The first episode  was lauched on the 28 December on the Dutch channel RTL 4… Watch the first episode… 



Do you wish to contact the Ardennes-Etape team? You can reach us at 0032 (0)80 29 24 00 or


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