Rent a Business-Etape villa for your team!

Upscale residence for your seminar
Organising a seminar, an incentive or an important meeting in a hotel, with its dull halls and strict time tables, is too inside-the-box for your business. Business-Etape thinks outside-the-box and has selected 50 beautiful villas in the Belgian Ardennes. Each of these locations offer the necessary level of comfort and space for your business and the quality is checked on a regular basis; comfortable villas, all of them luxuriously equipped (meeting rooms, wellness area with sauna and Jacuzzi, swimming pool,…).

Professionalism based on experience
This formula has been successful for everyone who has tried it. The Business-Etape team has built up years of experience in this area. They listen to their customers and do not force anything. The client is always in control and is free to compose a seminar à la carte. Business-Etape guarantees your seminar is fully tailored to meet your business’s needs, all in a pleasant atmosphere with a high comfort level (enough TV screens, beamers, microphones, video systems, internet access,…)

Strengthen the group spirit
The Business-Etape houses have a capacity of 10 to 45 people. Living together has an amazing influence on the group spirit, ensures co-workers to spend more time together and allows them to get to know everyone in a completely different way, outside the office. All houses have their own pleasant atmosphere and history and are perfect for every team building activity.

Independence and flexibility
Organising your seminar in a villa ensures you a much higher level of independence than a hotel. You can cook your own meals, create your own time table and at any given time enjoy the luxury facilities the estate has to offer, like sauna and swimming pool. Advantages of the Business-Etape houses? Relaxation and work can be perfectly combined, while enjoying the freedom of your own space.

The Belgian Ardennes, truly the green lung of the country, are ideal for all employees to relax to the fullest.  Concentration can be maximized, the mind benefits from the fresh air and stress levels will be, without a doubt, much lower.

What does Business-Etape has to offer?
You can trust Business-Etape with the organisation of your business seminar, catering and activities. Business-Etape works together with the best caterers and partners in the region, and is able to offer you the most original and innovative group and team building activities (wine tastings, role-playing, adventurous outdoor activities,…). Of course everybody is free to organise his own activities independently.

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Quality label
Business-Etape guarantees all pictures on the website reflect the real world. All houses are divided into 3 to 5-star comfort levels and are regularly evaluated using the customer satisfaction surveys. No effort is saved to make sure top quality is guaranteed, that is what Business-Etape stands for.

Trust Business-Etape to take care of your business stay in the Belgian Ardennes and boost your company’s team spirit.

Business-Etape makes part of Ardennes-Etape.

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