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No less than ten years ago Ardennes-Etape was already a ‘pure player’ on the web. The pledge is to offer quality housing and to guarantee holiday makers a delightful stay in the Ardennes. Today Ardennes-Etape employs over 30 people and has established a leading role in the area of holiday homes in the Belgian Ardennes.

Progressive approach
Without a doubt the best way to develop the Ardennes-Etape project is through the internet: flexible platforms, fast updates, 24/7 availability, worldwide visibility, customizable and transparent.
Back in 2002, when market leaders were still processing their reservations using pen and paper, the online method offered high flexibility and possibility for fast updates necessary in this line of business, combined with low exploitation costs and a massive growth potential. Although application of these new technologies was still rather unusual, Mr André Offermans and his wife, founders of Ardennes-Etape, were immediately convinced of the potential of an online reservation system.

Thanks to the internet Ardennes-Etape has been able to establish a market leader position in the field of holiday home rental in the Belgian Ardennes and is proud to report over one and a half million people have used its services for their vacation in the southern part of Belgium.

One principle: quality
The idea is very straight-forward. Ardennes-Etape makes a selection of houses of which the team is absolutely certain holiday makers can have a fantastic time in. This idea as well as the online culture shaped the DNA of the company.

Online business
Ardennes-Etape offers an online platform for holiday home rental. Looking for a holiday home that meets all your standards? The online search engine tells you everything you need to know about your future holiday house in the Belgian Ardennes. Reservation takes only four easy steps, after which a confirmation e-mail and practical and tourist information is sent to you. All this information is just as well accessible through your personal customer space on the website Ardennes-Etape.com.

The company feels these web communication tools are essential to meet customer needs. Every customer gets to fill in a customer satisfaction survey. These surveys are studied with the greatest attention to improve customer care, after-sale service and the website wherever possible.

What if the future guest is not really internet minded? No problem whatsoever. The Ardennes-Etape contact centre is accessible seven days a week and staff members will help out everyone in Dutch, English, French or German to make sure all customers are happy customers.

In short, Ardennes-Etape ensures a professional follow-up from start to end.

Web characteristics
All web solutions are developed in-house. This means Ardennes-Etape is able to organise its own production and has a very wide range of indispensable expertise under one roof; graphic design, IT development, customer care and follow-up of complaints, human resources, public relations, accounting,…

The key in the Ardennes-Etape success is a dynamic team of colleagues who know the customer’s wishes and know how to respond to their needs: 30 multilingual and very passionate co-workers.

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