Guide Ardennes-Pass, Essential Partner in the Ardennes


For over eleven years the goal of the Guide Ardennes-Pass has been the same: promotion of the Belgian Ardennes as a top tourist destination. This promotion reaches a higher level every year. Read more about the Belgian-Ardennes success story.

“The Guide Ardennes-Pass became an essential partner for everyone visiting the Belgian Ardennes. We receive phone calls from people asking where to buy the Guide,” says Paul Arnould, manager at Molignée Railbike.

Since the start of this partnership with Ardennes-Etape, Molignée Railbike has welcomed over 2,000 visitors with a discount coupon from the Guide Ardennes-Pass.

Strong point

And exactly this is the Guide’s strong point: a great discount for over 120 activities in the Belgian Ardennes. The goal is two-fold: supporting the tourist actors in the region and promoting the Belgian Ardennes as a top tourist destination.

“The way Ardennes-Etape communicates about us and the Ardennes is truly excellent,” adds Arnould. “The Ardennes are praised as high-quality tourist destination.”


444 pages, 120 activities, four provinces, a detailed tourist map, hiking routes, crucial must-see places, museums, swimming pools, local markets,… The Guide Ardennes-Pass is more complete than ever.

The Guide Ardennes-Pass shows Ardennes-Etape’s expertise in self-catering holiday home rental, developed since the foundation in 2001. High-quality holiday cottages, excellent service leading to great client satisfaction and home owner satisfaction. The vast amount of tourist information is a logical additional service to show the holiday-makers the very best the Ardennes have to offer.

“We show our guests the best tourist activities in the region of the Belgian Ardennes. We emphasize the local actors’ professionalism in order to boost their growth and development,” says Valérie Geron, communications and marketing manager at Ardennes-Etape.

“Cooperation runs perfectly smooth,” adds José Burgeon, manager at the Parc Chlorophylle.

Partners Delighted

Except for a few entrance tickets, Ardennes-Etape asks nothing in return for their presence in the Guide. Not a penny. Quality is the single criterion.

José Burgeon: “It is one of the most important channels to attract visitors. The Guide is complete, concise, beautifully designed and accurate. I have been working in the tourist insutry for 39 years, and the Guide Ardennes-Pass is truly a wonderful communications tool.”

“What we really like,” Paul Arnould continues, “is the fact that we’re now attracting visitors from all over the region of the Belgian Ardennes and not just from the immediate vicinity.”

“Thanks to the Guide Ardennes-Pass we reach a Dutch-speaking public we were never able to reach. I’m not sure if they would have found the way to our park if it wasn’t for the Guide Ardennes-Pass,” declares Noémi Hennen, responsible for marketing at Forestia animal park.

New in 2014

Ardennes-Etape made a radical choice this year, a choice for the environment. The paper discount coupons disappeared and are replaced by one single discount card. The discount card is valid for all 120 activities. Since the very first edition of the Guide Ardennes-Pass we have been looking for the most environmentally friendly way to develop the Guide. The edition 2014-2015 has a radically smaller ecological footprint. One single discount card will avoid a lot of waste.

Another novelty in 2014: an extra geographical zone, the “zone de l’Eau d’Heure”, perfect for true nature enthusiasts. And of course the holiday-makers will find many new discounts for the best activities in the region.

Que du bonheur*

The Guide Ardennes-Pass is free for everyone who booked a self-catering holiday home or chalet with Ardennes-Etape (one Guide per booking). The concept started at the time of the foundation of the company Ardennes-Etape and has seen an exceptional growth in the last few years. The success story has a great future ahead, fitting right in with Ardennes-Etape’s maxim: Que du bonheur!*

For more information do not hesitate to contact Valérie Geron (FR-NL) on 080 28 16 76 or Nele Bylois (NL-EN-DE) on 080 28 16 44.

(*)Pure Happiness

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