Large Group, Small Price

The latest Ardennes-Etape promotion goes by the name “Large Group, Small Price” and offers a 20 per cent discount during the summer months July and August for those choosing a holiday cottage in the Ardennes for 14 people or more. So instead of taking off on your summer holiday with just the kids, next time invite the grandparents, the cousins and the favourite aunt and uncle.

Why you should take off on holiday in group? Very simple! In group all emotions are amplified. The pleasure in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes is strengthened by the group spirit. Furthermore, holiday makers enjoy an attractive discount.

In group
Everyone will have a better time when able to share the most extraordinary moments with others. Ardennes-Etape made a selection of spacious holiday cottages for rent with special summer reduction. Plenty of advantages!

The philosophy is crystal clear: the advantages of group travel are numerous. With the extended family a weekend away in a holiday home in the Belgian Ardennes, a week’s vacation in a lovely holiday cottage among friends, team building with the co-workers… Plenty of activities in this breath-taking region. The happy, hilarious and memorable emotions you experience become even more joyful because you can share them with your fellow holiday makers.

The price per person for a stay in a holiday home is notably reduced and Ardennes-Etape throws in an extra discount. Check out the complete selection, including all discounts, on

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