Ardennes-Etape prolongs the life of its promotional material

Ardennes-Etape prolongs the life of its promotional material. Enormous advertising poster becomes unique gift for clients and personnel.

Responsible entrepreneurship and sustainability, long-term strategies versus brand awareness, visibility and creativity… Combining these principles is no easy task. Finding the correct balance between them, however, is crucial in the strategic plan of every business. After some puzzling, we brought this challenge to a success.

Recycling-Creative-Sustainable-Bean bag-Gift

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Why did Ardennes-Etape participate?

One hundred per cent online. This has been Ardennes-Etape’s maxim since 2001. Now this small business from Stavelot, in the Belgian province of Liège, is awarded by Trends the “Digital Gazelle”.



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“Internet? It’s in our DNA”

One hundred per cent online. This has been Ardennes-Etape’s maxim since 2001. Now this small business from Stavelot, in the Belgian province of Liège, is awarded by Trends the “Digital Gazelle”.


No paper catalogue. Never. What they do have: a practical website promoting high-quality holiday cottages in the Belgian Ardennes.

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Ardennes-Etape supports Liège Expo 2017

The city of Liège is candidate to organise the 2017 International Expo. In the course of three months the participating countries get the chance to show the very best of themselves in the Cité Ardente.

At least if it were up to us. Ardennes-Etape decided to fully support Liège in its bid to host the Expo 2017. We appeal to everyone to vote for Liège as host city for this great international event.

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Ardennes-Etape takes wheelchair users into account

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Leaving on holiday should be possible for each of us: youngsters, people of age, families, groups of friends,… One should not overlook the disabled in this matter. To this effect Ardennes-Etape compiled a file with activities and events which are wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, a selection has been made of holiday homes partially or completely wheelchair accessible. The goal is for everyone to have an excellent vacation in the Belgian Ardennes.

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Daring style mix for your holiday home

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Antique furniture painted blue, luxury equipment in a renovated farm, a Where’s Wally of classical elements in a super modern interior… Most recent in the Ardennes-Etape selection is this Luxembourg based villa taking interior design to a whole new level. The result leaves no one untouched.

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Like a King in Stavelot, You Know You Want To

Article Holiday house Stavelot in PDF

A delightful city centre, a stately mansion styled like you have never seen before at walking distance from the breath-taking Belgian Ardennes landscape; that is what Ardennes-Etape is offering with this new holiday house in the collection.

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Large Group, Small Price

The latest Ardennes-Etape promotion goes by the name “Large Group, Small Price” and offers a 20 per cent discount during the summer months July and August for those choosing a holiday cottage in the Ardennes for 14 people or more. So instead of taking off on your summer holiday with just the kids, next time invite the grandparents, the cousins and the favourite aunt and uncle.

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New Guide Ardennes-Pass – Perfect Companion for your Trip to the Ardennes

On holiday in the Ardennes? Need a clear overview with all activities in the area? Looking for the perfect guide to assist you in planning your holiday? The latest edition of the Guide Ardennes-Pass, with many extraordinary discounts, has just been released. It is the indispensable partner for your vacation in the Belgian Ardennes.

The most original activities, the most interesting museums, must-see curiosities and the most impressive panoramic views in the Belgian Ardennes… From now on all this information is gathered in a handy guide. The Guide Ardennes-Pass will soon be celebrating its tenth anniversary and has become the only indispensable partner for every holiday maker in the Ardennes. Continue reading

Hotel Jennifer Aniston now a Luxury Holiday Home

Holiday villa-Ardennes-MalmedyThe hotel in Malmedy where Jennifer Aniston used to spend the night has been transformed into a holiday home. This villa in the breath-taking High Fens is equipped with all luxury and comfort and is now available at Ardennes-Etape.

Inhabitants of the town of Malmedy probably remember as if it was yesterday. Back in 2008 Jennifer Aniston, world famous from her role as Rachel in the TV show Friends, spent the night in the Hostellerie Trôs Marets. She was in the company of Mary-Kate Olsen, one of the twins who became the very youngest Hollywood stars thanks to their appearance in the sitcom Full House in the 80’s and 90’s. Continue reading